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Faith Based

Hosea 4:6 teaches us that “[God’s] people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Thus at Exceeds Expectations, Inc. we believe that a faith-based approach to financial literacy will eradicate life’s financial problems.


Financial wellness  is one of the leading stressors of one's over all well being.  At Exceeds Expectations, Inc. we believe employers who invest in financial wellness, boosts the overall well being of employees, increasing their health, productivity, and engagement.


Financial Literacy programs in our schools can help our youth, families, and our communities become more  knowledgeable around saving and making better financial decisions. We believe at Exceeds Expectations, Inc. that our hands on curriculum can help Before/After School programs to increase financial awareness.


At Exceeds Expectations, Inc. we understand that individual accountability can help reach their financial goals more quickly than trying to do it on their own.  The tools, resources, and encouragement to keep moving forward one step at a time, gives people the hope they need in order to reach their desired destination.



Workshops / Seminars 

1. Financial Psychology

2. Visions / Goals 

3. Budget

4. Credit 

5. Account Management

6. Entrepreneurship

Financial Coach (Personal & Business)

1. One-on-One accountability 

2. Where are you today 

3. Where do you want to be

4. Action plan to get you there

Lunch & Learns

Career Development

1. Workshops over Lunch 

2. Vision / Goal

3. Financial Education 

4. Career Development 

1. Resume Building 
2. Interviewing Skills 
3. Personal Image
4. Business Etiquette 
5. Customer Service 
6. Soft Skills

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Our Events
Youth Financial Leadership Program
Virtual (Zoom)
FREE 7 Day Abundance Mindset: Mind Over Money
Zoom (Online Virtual Workshop)
Q&A / COVID-19 Relief Options
Virtual Meeting
FREE 7 Day Abundance Mindset: Mind Over Money Lunch & Learn
Creating A Financial Game Plan
Zoom Meeting
FREE 7 Day Abundance Mindset: Mind Over Money Lunch & Learn
Financial Abundance Series: Mind Over Money
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