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3 Words to Help You Re-Define and Re-Align Your Financial Mindset.

Many of our mindsets about money have been influenced by family, society, and culture, which have played major roles in our development of our financial psychology. What we have seen and heard is often times learned behaviors from when we were younger that carries on throughout our adult life. It is important to identify factors that have influenced and reinforced your mindsets about money in order to help you to overcome financial barriers.

Financial barriers can be big or small. As little as organization,communication, and as big as debt, credit issues, and employment. A great way to face any financial barrier is to acknowledge that there is a problem, re-define your goals/purpose, re-evaluate where you are today, and re-align your steps (action) on how you will get there.

The key to your own financial psychology is to use your money in a way that is consistent with 3 Words: Your Values, Beliefs, and Lifestyle. For married couples, these 3 words and defining what they mean and what it looks like for each of you and your families future is key in creating a strong financial future where you both are on one accord. Your financial decisions should align with your Values, Beliefs, and Lifestyle.

*What are your Personal and/or Business Values?

*What are your Beliefs? How do your money habits line up with your Beliefs?

*What type of Lifestyle do you desire to live?

Dave Ramsey once said, If you live like no one else, later you will live like no one else. Your mindset, behaviors and habits around money must change in order to gain the results you want to see come to pass in your life.

A financial coach can help you with gaining organization, consistency, and accountability with managing your finances while creating systems and processes while sharing tips and tools.

Be Encouraged.

Marilyn Chappell

Certified Financial Coach

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