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Together we can make a difference

Our Vision of a Poverty-Free World 

We are a group of people who see the future as a poverty-free world and take action to make it so. 

Community priorities are our priorities. That's why we give Kansas City and surrounding areas the help and resources they need to use skills, wisdom, and knowledge to become self-sustainable.
Help end generational poverty today. #LetsExceedTogether

Your investment in Exceeds Expectations, Inc. can make a significant impact on the financial well-being of families in Greater Kansas City. By supporting our efforts, we can help individuals break free from financial dependence and achieve stability and independence through our financial literacy and workforce development programs. Together, we can work towards ending generational poverty and promoting financial empowerment.

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What Your Donation Can Do for Us 

When you donate to Exceeds Expectations, Inc., your contribution goes towards supporting various programs and initiatives aimed at improving financial education and literacy among individuals and communities. 

Some of the areas where your donation may be used include: 

  • Education and Training Programs: We provide education and training programs that help individuals learn about money management, budgeting, investing, and other financial skills. Your donation may be used to fund the development and delivery of these programs, including materials, curriculum development, and instructors' fees. 

  • Community Outreach: We work to promote financial education and awareness within our community. Your donation may be used to fund outreach initiatives such as workshops, seminars, and other events that provide information and resources to individuals and families. 

  • Research and Development: We often conduct research and develop new tools and resources to help individuals and communities improve their financial literacy. Your donation may be used to fund research studies, and the development of new materials, and tools for financial education. 

  • Operating Costs: Like any organization, nonprofits have operating costs such as salaries, rent, and utilities. Your donation may be used to cover these costs, ensuring that we can continue to operate and provide our services. 


Volunteer Application

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We are actively seeking dedicated individuals to serve as board members. If interested in learning more please indicate in 'your area of interest'. 

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Together We Can Make A Difference and Exceed Expectations!

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