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How to Overcome Financial Challenges in Your Marriage

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Marilyn Chappell

Financial Challenges are the toughest problems to encounter especially in marriage.  It’s one thing to worry about yourself managing your own bills checking/saving accounts.  In Marriage, you are “One”, and in order to be on “One Accord”, you must work together through it all; good times and bad times.  The strength of your marriage often times are developed during the most challenging moments.  It’s in the challenging moments where you both are stretched, but if you both remain in prayer, communication, focused on your goals, stay encouraged, and have Faith in God you will overcome them all.

I have been married for seven years, and my husband and I have been through financial challenges throughout our marriage, but with God we have overcome them all. 

Before we surrendered over every area of our life to Christ, we would mismanage our money daily.  We spent money doing worldly things that kept us in financial bondage. After the first two years of financial challenges we found ourselves sitting outside day and night dreaming, communicating with one another, and we began to speak life.  We began speaking the promises of God over our lives.  We knew that God had more in store for us, and how we were living was not it.  We were committed to going to church every Sunday and bible study every Wednesday, which lead us to renewing our relationship in God and the desire to know Him on another level of our lives and marriage was planted in our spirits.  We began to seek God together in prayer, and that is the moment our lives began to Shift for the better!  Vision was given, Deliverance was given, Restoration was given, a New Beginning was given, and a New Perspective on Life was given.

Our God is Amazing, He makes All Things Brand New, and I give All Glory and Praise to God. 

Every now and then, even in our Christian walk we still come up against tough financial decisions.  Because we serve a Mighty God, we do not lose sight of His Mighty Works!  We walk by faith, and not by sight.  We overcome all of our financial challenges BY FAITH.

It’s not a matter of if you will face financial challenges in your marriage, it’s a matter of when.  We all go through it, but the best thing is that we come out of it with the help of God’s hand.  There are a couple of encouraging words, I would like to share with you that blessed and continues to bless our marriage and has helped us overcome financial challenges.  My prayer is that your spirit is renewed, restored, and refreshed in God and overflows into your marriage with the Hope and Belief that your marriage too, will overcome any financial challenge you are encountering.

1.  Remain in Prayer with Your Spouse.   Seek God’s promises for you and your marriage over every area of your lives.  Begin to recite God’s promises over your lives, and repeat them back to God through prayer the promise He Said He would do for you and your marriage by Faith and Obedience.

2.  Remain in Communication with Your Spouse.  Include your spouse in all financial goals and decisions. You are both “One”, and in order to be on “One Accord”, I encourage you to have one account in order to manage your finances closely and together.  This forces you to communicate and make financial decisions together.  This is the time where you sit down and budget and go over your credit reports together.  Keep your goals/dreams and the promises of God before you.

3.  Remain Focused on Your Goals/Dreams with Your Spouse.  No matter how bad your situation may be, never forget your goals and dreams.  Write them down where you both can see them daily.  Create a vision board, a journal, or just list them down on paper.  Visit your goals and dreams with one another and remind one another that trouble do not last always and focus on overcoming the financial challenge and what it will look like when God brings you over.  Create your one year, two year, and three year financial plan together.

4.  Remain Encouraged and Encourage Your Spouse.  Keep God’s Word in your heart There will be days you will get discouraged, but only allow it to be for a quick moment, because now we know where to go to be Renewed in our Minds and Spirits.  You will find yourself having to encourage each other every now and then as well.  This is where love and joy is represented and it overcomes all challenges.  Remember to speak life in all situations and know that the words you speak will come pass.

5.  Remain Faithful.  It is impossible to please God without Faith.  Therefore, praise God at all times.  After all, you are still here,  you do have food to eat, a place to lay your head, and you have each other.   God brought you two together so that you may both have life together and more abundantly.  Remain in Faith, Seek God’s Word, Give as God has instructed, and Obey His Voice.   Despite what your financial situation looks like today, have faith that Better Days are ahead.

~~~BELIEVE~~~       Be Encouraged Live Informed Expecting Victory Everyday!

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