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Lessons from My Girls FIRED UP Experience

Hi! I'm Savanna and I’m an active attendee in the Girls Financial Leadership program. I am here to tell you about my experiences in this program.

Let's run a little background on what this program is about. The Girl's Financial Leadership program is for girls ages 11-18. We learn valuable life skills while forming healthy habits with money.

Below is a photo of me at the last Girls FIRED UP session where we learned how to organize our schedules better to save our time, money, and energy. I learned the importance of a planner and I was able to identify areas as a student that could be improved and how to do so.

Lessons Learned

We always have a guest speaker come in and talk to us about their field of study and what work they do or give us some tips to help in our financial journey as well as everyday life. One of the first things I’ve been taught is how to budget properly and the importance of checking and reviewing your bank statements.

The most important financial lesson I’ve learned is to pay myself first. Crazy right? At first, I didn’t understand what they meant by that. I thought it meant giving yourself money to buy any and everything you want however, I learned quickly that that was not the case. To pay yourself means to put money away. Put money aside to ensure you’ll always have some. That stuck with me and every time I get paid the first thing I do is set aside a specific amount of money and slowly but surely that money is beginning to build up. I encourage you to try it out.

One thing I can appreciate is how each lesson wasn’t strictly about finances. I got to branch off into other things that make up a financial journey. For example, the most memorable lesson for me was about forming healthy relationships. This was important to me; it taught me not only good and bad relationships with money but with others as well.

I learned certain relationships can even impact your money. If you’re arguing with your parents then you might find yourself with less allowance. Be that as it may, this lesson equipped me with ways to move through conflicts and identify healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships. Because of this lesson, I was able to identify those unhealthy relationships in my life and either discard them or suggest changes to turn them into healthy relationships.

I found myself with healthier money habits too. Instead of spending my money on temporary things that would make me feel good in the moment I saved the money or gave it to someone who might need it more than me.

Overall, this program is very educational. I found a lot of joy and fun WHILE learning. I would encourage you to join if you or any other teen you know is interested. Hey, you might even catch me there!

The next Girls FIRED UP is Saturday, September 9th from 9:30 AM-12:00 PM at the Kansas City Public Library: North-East Branch.

Thank you for reading!

Exceed Expectations Marketing Intern, Savanna Love

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