Getting a fresh start is one of the most valuable blessings in life. 

Utilize your fresh start for good, and create the life that you want and dream to live. 

Start your New Path of Life
Life After Incarcertion Program

There is no better feeling than that of personal fulfillment and accomplishment. 

Join our Life After Incarceration Program today and discover your inner value.

I cannot tell you how big of a difference the Life After Incarceration Program changed my life and perspective of myself. 

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has been though this life changing event.

-Tom G.

If you don't Invest in your Future Success... Who Will?

What will your Future look like? 

You have the power to choose. 

Invest in Your Future Success

Step 1: Re-Entry & Personal Development Program

12 classes (3 months) on personal development after Incarceration.

Step 2: Financial Independence

6 classes (3 months) for the Financial classes

Step 3: Apprenticeship Program

1st year provided. 

  • On the Job Training

  • Plus Additional Classes 


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